What is a Crystal Light Journey

The Light Journey is a modality developed and taught by Sarah Weiss of  SpiritHeal Institute.  Deborah is a certified Light Journey guide and helps people to work with crystalline energies through the Light Journey modality.

The Light Journey takes place in a sacred space of Light, created through grounding and intention and held by the Light Journey guide.

In this sacred space, the client is supported in allowing the flow of divine energies to move through their energy field, purifying heavy energies and helping them to connect with their true essence as a being of radiant Light.

The client’s intention directs the Light Journey to the energies within their field that may help them come to a deeper awareness and understanding of present questions or conditions related to such areas as health, relationships, life purpose, career, spiritual direction or other personal concerns.

During the Light Journey, Deborah helps to introduce crystal energies into the client’s energy field that support the client’s process and may help them to come through it with greater clarity, comfort and ease.  The client may also meet crystals who can continue to support them in moving forward once the Light Journey concludes.

Deborah works with many individuals in private consultations and classes focusing on personal growth and healing goals.  For more information, click here.