Crystal Pharmacy Services Have Changed

The Crystal Bee has been quietly moving through a deep and beautiful transformation over the past year, raising its energetic frequency and moving onto a new energetic platform.  During 2017, we’ll be unfolding new services, classes and other educational resources.

With an expanding emphasis on helping you to develop energetic self-care practices that support health, spiritual growth and well-being in partnership with the crystal kingdom and other co-creators of Nature, the crystal pharmacy discontinued shopping-only visits on December 30, 2016.

Beginning January 3, 2017, you are welcome to purchase crystals from the crystal pharmacy whenever you are at The Crystal Bee for a class, individual consultation, session or private lesson. The crystal pharmacy will no longer be open for shopping-only appointments.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who have visited and co-created with our community over The Crystal Bee’s first seventeen years.  Your enthusiasm and generosity of spirit have brought great joy and fullness to our journey.

As The Crystal Bee continues to unfold in the new energies of our changing times, please know that we continue to welcome you here!