Space Clearing

Because crystals are even more vibrant and responsive when they are in energetically “clean” spaces, the Bee recommends an aromatherapy spray useful for personal/space clearing and crystal care.  Created by Victoria White Eagle, this exceptional blend is Reiki-charged and available in 2 oz. spray bottles:

Sweetgrass and Lavender Blessing Spray provides excellent support both for clearing crystals, personal energy fields, homes, offices and healing spaces, and for providing a refined reference energy that may help elevate a person, place or crystal’s energy to a higher, more refined state.


Emotional Well-Being

Love, Faith and Happiness Blessing Spray is a beautiful creation blended from Victoria White Eagle’s own garden rose lovingly tended over many years, and enhanced with the frequency of Rose Quartz.  Love, Faith and Happiness Blessing Spray also includes essential oils that provide grounding and balance as one experiences the fullness of the heart through this spray’s lovely inspiration.

Karuna Reiki-charged and “kissed” by the Moon, Love, Faith and Happiness Blessing Spray is a wonderful, nurturing creation of unconditional love to share with yourself and others.

To learn more about Victoria and her aromatherapy products, visit her website