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It’s All Too Much: An Easy Plan for Living a Richer Life with Less Stuff »

By Peter Walsh
Free Press, 2007.   230 page

Much has been written about getting rid of clutter for good reason: it takes energy to maintain what you have. When you release the stuff you no longer need/want/use, you have more personal energy for yourself and the life you’d truly like to live.

This book is about far more than clutter or your home: it’s a call to re-envision your ideal life and what belongs in it. Professional organizer Peter Walsh offers an excellent framework for looking at your home room-by-room, assessing what’s important according to each room’s function and your personal priorities, and recognizing what’s just stuff. Those who are feeling challenged by the idea of letting go of their stuff may find Peter’s discussion of where people get stuck not only enlightening but empowering.

While not shying away from the clutter issue, this book’s real strength is its positive focus that asks readers to focus their attention and intention on how they truly want to live, rather than on what they don’t want to have. Filled with real-life stories, helpful techniques and new rituals for maintaining a clutter-free home, this book offers those who feel overwhelmed by their stuff a helpful road map for taking their life and their home to a new level of wonderful.