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Crystals and Healing Frequencies
for Colds, Flu
and Other Acute Conditions

Next Class:  TBA

10:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.

In this class, we will explore ways that you can partner with Nature to help yourself move through the processes of healing acute conditions such as colds, flu and infections with greater support.  You’ll learn how to more consciously connect with your most important and accessible healing partner, Mother Earth, and with helpful partners from the mineral kingdom.  Working with energy principles and your own energy anatomy, you’ll be introduced to basic energetic self-care practices you can work with to:

  • Activate your own energy system to promote healing
  • Clear heavy energies that contribute to acute illnesses and  conditions
  • Reduce congestion, discomfort and other symptoms
  • Replenish core energies needed for healing
  • Help your environment to be a healthier, more supportive partner.

Together, we’ll explore how to access this immediate support whenever you begin to experience acute conditions or are around others who are ill.

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Classes by Special Arrangement

Private classes tailored to your personal or professional interests are also available at The Crystal Bee.  Join with your family, friends, co-workers, fellow energy practitioners, students or others to learn about the aspects of partnering with crystals that interest you or support your current intentions.

The Crystal Bee’s vibrant community of crystals is here to help you learn about the world of living energies and how you can partner more consciously and intentionally with them.  To explore these possibilities, please contact Deborah at 216/751-5977.