Ways Crystals May Help You

Just as people have different preferences and varying experiences with specific types of self-care practices, traditional health care and complementary energy modalities, they may also find their work with crystals to be more satisfying or successful for some aspects of growth and healing than others.  How well working with crystals provides support in particular situations may depend upon a variety of factors, including:

  • Your intention
  • The type of assistance you request
  • Your readiness for the particular work
  • Your personal preferences
  • The specific crystal’s energy

Some Examples

Here are some ways that partnering with crystals may assist you in personal growth and healing:


  • Support for increased physical energy and vitality
  • Support for healing specific acute and chronic illnesses
  • Support for easing physical pain following injury or surgery


  • Comfort and support during challenging times
  • Greater ease through transitions and times of uncertainty
  • Support for changing habits and behaviors
  • Opening more fully to unconditional love


  • Enhanced mental focus and clarity
  • Reduction of mental chatter
  • Improved problem-solving skills


  • Support for deepening spiritual growth
  • Development of intuition
  • Understanding of true self and spiritual essence
  • Greater clarity about life goals and experiences
  • Expanded creativity
  • Opening to true abundance


  • Creating and maintaining a healthy, nourishing and supportive home or work place.
  • Creating sacred space in a meditation room, healing space or other area.
  • Anchoring specific energies such as unconditional love, peace, well-being and joy into a space.