Individual Consultations and Sessions

A phone or Skype session that focuses on your own personal goals for growth and healing.   Fee:  $90 per hour.   Initial Consultation: 90 minutes/$135.

Temporarily, we ask that you please make your appointments by calling or emailing, rather than using the following link.  (January 2024)

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Types of consultations include:

  • Grounding
    Learn the basics or refine your skills in this key foundational practice for maintaining health and well-being. You will meet a variety of crystals talented in helping you to learn and maintain the well-grounded state. What is grounding? Follow-Up Grounding Sessions:  Additional one-hour and half-hour sessions are also available for those wishing to continue to refine their grounding skills or reference the grounded state in times when grounding is challenging. Both initial and follow-up sessions are available via phone sessions.
  • Crystals for Self-Care
    Create a plan to integrate partnering with crystals into your own program of self-care, healing and personal growth, complementing your daily practices and the other healing modalities you have chosen. You will receive written materials including your own personalized guide for beginning your new partnership with crystals and information on crystal care.  Also available via phone session.
  • Partnering with Crystals for Growth and Healing
    A private session based upon your personal intention. You will be guided in engaging your own natural, intuitive healing gifts in partnership with the crystals that resonate most closely with your energy and intentions. The session may include grounding and other ways of working with crystals.
  • Private Lessons
    A session tailored to your personal interests in learning about and partnering with crystals. Also available via phone session.
  • Energy Update
    Review your current partnerships with crystals as they relate to new goals and intentions. Explore new ways to partner with crystals who can support you in moving forward on your path. Also available via phone session.
  • Home/Office Design or Upgrade
    Create a healthier, more nourishing and supportive environment by partnering with crystals and other living energies of Nature.

Group Services

  • Private Classes and Study Groups
    Sessions tailored to your group’s personal or professional interests in working with crystals.

You are welcome to call Deborah at 216/751-5977 or email her at for more information.  Temporarily, appointments are not being scheduled through this website.

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