About Deborah

As a third-generation member of a family of retail jewelers,  Deborah Bookin grew up surrounded by precious and semi-precious jewels and metals.  Through The Crystal Bee, she integrates her life-long appreciation for Nature and the mineral kingdom with her years of study and experience in service professions. 

Before founding The Crystal Bee, Deborah’s earlier career in social work included over 15 years working in human service organizations in the areas of direct service, training, planning and administration.  She has a master’s degree in social work from Case Western Reserve University and has had her work in the field of geriatric social work published in national journals of social work and gerontology, and presented before the Gerontological Society of America.

Influenced by the legacy of her mother’s healing gifts and her own personal health challenges, she explored the energetic healing arts for her own growth and healing.  Since 1992, Deborah has studied a range of energetic healing traditions, modalities and practices that complement allopathic health care and enable people to embrace a more conscious, engaged and intentional role in the evolution of their health, sense of well-being and unfolding lives. 

A Reiki master and certified Feng Shui practitioner, she has completed Levels I and II of the Melody training program in the use of crystals and studied with crystal teacher and author Naisha Ashian.  From the sandlots and showrooms of the Tucson international gem shows over many years, she has met and learned invaluably from thousands of crystals and the world-wide wisdom, perspectives and experiences of others who co-create with the mineral kingdom as gatherers, artisans, teachers and healing partners.  She enjoys working with individuals, families, groups, organizations and healing communities.

Since its founding in 1999, The Crystal Bee has continued to evolve as a reflection of Deborah’s continuing commitment to supporting conscious, loving and collaborative relationships between humans and Nature in sacred ways that foster personal and planetary transformation.  The focus of her work now is helping clients to establish nourishing practices for self-care and healthy, supportive spaces in which to live and work in partnership with Nature.  Through these approaches, clients have the opportunity to build strong, resilient personal foundations for their evolving health, well-being, personal transformation and spiritual growth.