Crystals and Healing in The Present Moment

By Deborah Bookin

Here at The Crystal Bee, visitors frequently ask me to help them connect with the crystals that may be helpful to them in healing a particular physical condition or achieving a particular goal. Whether they are healing cancer or a relationship, seeking a new career, deeper spiritual connection or reaching for another goal, the most helpful information for fulfilling their intentions is to be found in the present moment. At such times, the most helpful question I can ask a person is: “Where are you right now?

Frequently when I ask this question, I notice people pause and become quiet. After they have focused their attention, I often observe their focus shift from one of outer direction (“What can I get to fix this?”) to inner direction (“What do I know to be true for me about this?”). This subtle, yet important shift in perspective can help them to recognize the most fruitful place from which to proceed in the present moment. In so doing, they have the opportunity to reclaim their own power to manifest what they need from within, and to access both the inner and outer resources to fulfill their intention.

When we maintain our focus in the present moment, we have the ability to more clearly identify and access what consciousness teacher and author Dr. Richard Moss calls the “juice and truth of who we are”, rather than the old emotional debris, distortions and stories we’ve told ourselves based on our past experiences that do not reflect who we truly are. While some information from the past may be historically important and our expectations about the future may yield helpful information, maintaining our focus in the present moment as we consider these is very important because it enables us to work and create from a place of greater clarity.

What Is Relevant in The Present Moment?

When we use the present moment as our personal reference point it becomes easier to appreciate the subtle ways in which we have grown and changed, and to feel gratitude even as we are in challenging circumstances. It becomes easier to access what can be most helpful to us to move forward with a greater sense of well-being and peace, including:

  • What is most essentially addressed for healing and growth right now.
  • The wisdom, insights, strengths, skills, gifts and talents we can bring to our present situation or goal.
  • The types of energy (physical, emotional, etc.) we have to support us or may need to replenish.
  • The attitudes, beliefs and patterns of behavior that will help us move forward and those that no longer serve a healthy purpose.
  • The other life aspects, including home and work environment, that can provide helpful support or be enhanced for greater support.
  • The supports available from other people and resources, including crystals.

What is relevant or helpful for each one of us in the present moment is a unique blend of these and many other elements, including our personal history and preferences. People having similar situations and goals may differ greatly in the relevant personal aspects, choices, and personal preferences they bring into their current situation. This is why five different people at a similar stage of the same physical illness with similar healing goals may each find a different crystal to be most helpful to them in the present moment.

Selecting A Crystal in The Present Moment

How can present-moment focus benefit you in working with crystals? Elsewhere on this website, I share the example of a client who asked me to help her select a stone to support her in healing breast cancer. Working with her in the present moment, it became clear that the most important way crystals could support her intention at that time was to help her replenish her emotional vitality, an important core energy vital to her healing process that she had not recognized she had depleted. While her stated intention was to connect with a stone specifically recognized for supporting the healing of breast cancer, present-moment focus helped direct her to another crystal that could be most helpful to her at the time.

As dynamic energy beings, we are constantly growing and changing moment to moment on subtle levels. That is why the crystal energies that can be most helpful to us in the present moment may also change. The crystals that are most helpful today may or may not be the ones that are most helpful to us tomorrow. Sometimes, a crystal isn’t the most appropriate or helpful healing support in the present moment. Another healing modality may be more beneficial. We won’t truly know what is most helpful unless we are willing to take a moment to check this out in current time, rather than fall back on selecting a crystal from habit, because it is familiar to us, or because it is noted in a crystal book.

As we move through the processes of healing, growth and change, connecting with crystal energies in the moment can support us in many subtle, unexpected ways that we haven’t been able to envision before, such as helping us to:

  • Recognize outdated or distorted perspectives and transform them to those that are true and relevant for the current time.
  • Be in a place of emotional clarity.
  • Connect with the inner courage to move forward.
  • Remember and re-align with positive personal reference points, such as the energies of well-being, unconditional love, peace and true self.
  • Address other subtle aspects of these processes not initially perceived.

Crystals as Present-Moment Partners

By their very nature, crystals are oriented to working in the present moment and keenly qualified to serve as present-moment partners in healing, growth and change. As living energies who are capable of responding energetically to the subtlest of changes in a person’s energy field, crystals have the ability to meet us in new places and reveal different aspects of their gifts as our goals, circumstances and preferences change. Stones that support the practice of grounding can help us to maintain our orientation and focus in the present moment, and even learn how to recognize when we have become disengaged from it. Easily accessible 24/7, crystals can be most generous and capable partners in helping us to live and thrive in the richness and truth of the present moment.

I would like to acknowledge the work of Dr. Richard Moss, whose exceptional books The Mandala of Being:Discovering The Power of Awareness and Inside-Out Healing: Transforming Your Life Through The Power of Presence are excellent resources for learning about presence and present-moment focus.

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