Crystals and Self-Care During Stressful Times

By Deborah Bookin

Updated:  May 2014

While working with crystals may be a wonderful support for self-care at almost any time, they may be especially helpful partners during stressful times. While their support does not replace other important aspects of self-care such as adequate rest, healthy eating, exercise, relaxation, and other activities, they may help to enhance the other things that we are doing for ourselves.  Here are three areas in which you may find crystals especially helpful for your own self-care:


During stressful times, it can be especially helpful to maintain a regular practice of cleaning your energy field daily or at regular intervals. This is because the “heavy” energies of negative thoughts, fears, and emotions that we generate or come into contact with reside in our energy field until they are cleared or transformed. Clearing or transforming these heavy energies may greatly enhance one’s vitality, emotional/mental clarity and sense of well-being.

While the practice of grounding is the most efficient and effective way to clear many heavy energies throughout the day, some energies are not routinely cleared through this practice.  Other practices such as breath-work, movement-oriented disciplines such as tai chi, exercise and other strategies can also be very helpful alone or in combination.

At these times, working with crystals may be helpful.  There are a variety of crystals including Herkimer diamond, amethyst, selenite, garnet and many others who may be helpful in cleansing processes. After cleansing, some people report feeling a greater sense of well-being or notice a certain “lightness” of their personal energy—as though they had shed a few energetic pounds. The particular stone that may be most helpful at a particular time will depend upon your own particular circumstances in the moment.


While many of us may think of food and water when we hear the word “nourishment”, I also like to look at the many energetic forms of nourishment that we have available to support us during stressful times. At particular times, crystals may be helpful in energetically nourishing our physical bodies, helping to replenish our emotional and mental energy, or nourishing us through the energies of unconditional love. They can give us helpful feedback on the state of our vital stores of these energies and whether they need to be replenished.

While crystals are a wonderful resource for this type of nourishment, we also have many others available to us, including other energetic healing arts, time spent with loved ones and friends, the nurturing energies of nature and art, enjoying a hobby, or simply being in a quiet, peaceful place. Whatever your preferences, taking the time to regularly nourish yourself is an essential part of a regular program of self-care.

Sense of Well-Being

In times of stress and turmoil, our sense of well-being and safety may feel somewhat tested. At times when fear is pervasive around us, it can be especially challenging to stay rooted in the energy of unconditional love and not be swayed by the energy field of the world-at-large.  In our own lives, we may experience times of healing, growth, or upheaval that feel unsettling or uncomfortable. At such times, working with crystals can provide additional energetic support to help us maintain a healthy perspective, deepen our spiritual foundation, and stay rooted in the healthy, positive stance we would like.

Crystals may help us to continue to connect with the energy of unconditional love, the most powerful healing force in the universe.  They may help us to be better able to share it with others, contributing to the greater well-being of the world.   In these and other ways, our sense of peace, safety, and well-being can be enhanced, and our ability to weather unpredictable or stressful circumstances can be strengthened.

Working with crystals is one of many avenues for connecting with the energies that can support us through challenging times. We may also find energetic support through our connections to loved ones, friends and groups with whom we worship, share common interests, or come together with for mutual support. At these times, we may choose to explore and deepen our spiritual connection and reach out to others in other ways.

Whatever practices you choose to embrace, now is a wonderful time to re-visit the ways in which you care for yourself and explore the new possibilities that may be available to help you strengthen your health and sense of well-being.

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