Why The Quality of Your Personal Energy Matters: A Self-Care Perspective

By Deborah Bookin

Updated:  November 2016

How you vibrate is what the Universe echoes back to you in every moment.
Panache Desai, 2013

This quote by vibrational teacher Panache Desai elegantly summarizes an energy principle that has become an important daily reference point for me. It reminds me how greatly the quality of my personal energy affects every aspect of my being and life experience.  And it also reminds me how helpful the outside world is in reflecting my current energy state back to me–especially when I’m not aware that my personal energy has become sluggish, cloudy or distorted.  In this article, I’d like to share an energy perspective that I hope you will find helpful in enhancing the quality of your own life and daily experience. In my next article, I’ll offer some suggestions for ways that working with crystals can support you in accomplishing this.

Human Beings in The World of Living Energies

As a human being you are really an energy being who exists in physical form. The essence of your spirit, unique history, evolving experience and growth are all energetically expressed in the field of energy that both surrounds and interpenetrates your physical body. Called the human energy field, this bubble-like field holds the energetic records of your thoughts, beliefs, experience of emotions, memories, personal history and much more.  All of these have an energetic frequency (vibration) and qualities that are expressed in your energy field.  As a human energy being, you are continuously changing from moment to moment, unfolding and growing through new inspiration, thoughts, ideas, creations, experiences and expressions of your beliefs, history, etc.  Your energy field continues to subtly evolve as you experience yourself and the outer world.

As a human energy being you vibrate, and your vibrations join with those of others in what the Incas have called the world of living energies. Just as you are in a flow of constant change, so is our world of living energies, as all members of our planetary community including Nature express themselves energetically in each moment. From the subtlest energetic shift in an individual’s thought to a world-wide response to an event somewhere on Earth, we are all constantly swimming in the flow of energies both of our own and others’ creation. Most of the time, we are not aware of these energies because of their subtle nature.  We don’t easily recognize what is actually our own true self, what is emotional or other debris we have generated, and what we have unknowingly taken on from others in the flow of living energies.  We don’t realize that these energies can create distortions and even congestion that may subtly influence our perceptions, behavior and experience of our daily life, health and spiritual growth as we move along our life path.

Qualities of Energies: Heavy or Refined

The Incas and their modern Andean descendants offer a helpful way of understanding the qualities of energies.  They view them as either heavy or refined. From their perspective, energies such as fear, anger and hostility, hopelessness, sadness and turmoil are considered heavy. Energies such as unconditional love, joy, peace, optimism and contentment are considered to be refined. The degree of heaviness or refinement of energies may vary in density/intensity, falling along a continuum from very heavy to highly-refined.

There is a cloudy or smoggy quality to heavy energies as they accumulate in your energy field that subtly begins to affect your mood, vitality, mental and emotional clarity, thoughts and actions. Although much more substantial, this cloudiness reminds me of the swirl of dust and dirt that orbits around Pig Pen in Charles Schulz’s comic strip Peanuts. If not cleared from your energy field, these energies can become congested and limit healthy energy flow.  They can contribute to such states as exhaustion or apathy, or to scarcity thoughts, fears, frustration and other lower-quality frequencies of energy taking up more and more space in your energy field, daily awareness and experience.  You may gradually begin believing that these heavy energies and distortions are your true self and not recognize the contributions they are making to the state of your health and sense of well-being on every level.

At the other end of the continuum, refined energies such as unconditional love can have an uplifting, enlivening quality that positively affect your mood, vitality, clarity, thoughts, actions and ultimately your health if you continue to cultivate them. Your energy field reflects these through a lightening and brightening of the field that reminds me of an illuminated light bulb that is able to shine its true inner radiance. Continuing to refine your personal energy can foster optimism, enthusiasm, inspiration, creativity and infuse your daily experience with juiciness and joy.

Whether of a heavy or refined quality, the energetic creations and debris present in your energy field affect your energetic vibration in the moment. And as Panache Desai observes, how you vibrate–the quality of your energy/vibration–determines how you will interpret and experience the present moment.

Vibrational Attraction and Recognition

Your personal energy acts as a radiant vibrational beacon that attracts to you the people and experiences whose vibrations reflect your current energy state.  Vibrational attraction goes hand-in-hand with vibrational recognition. You are most likely to notice or perceive what is of a similar energy/vibration to your own. So if your energy field is cloudy and filled with heavy energetic debris such as fear, you are most likely to notice and interact with energies of that quality, and much less likely to recognize energies around you that are refined, such as unconditional love.

As you move through your day interacting with Nature, your family, co-workers, friends, neighbors, drivers in traffic, passersby, people in stores and your work place, the most subtle energetic interactions, exchanges and changes occur even when you aren’t consciously initiating or are aware of them.  Your thoughts, perceptions, feelings and responses to them all express energetically in the constant sea of changing vibrations. All of these have varying energetic qualities of heaviness or refinement.

While you have a range of choices you can make in how you respond, you are most likely to act or react in the vibration of your current energy state. So if you have been resonating with vibrations such fear, scarcity or anger, your responses will likely reflect the heaviness of those energies. If you are presently in a state that resonates with energies such as love, gratitude, optimism, joy or well-being, your responses, interactions and creations will likely resonate with those refined qualities.  How others will perceive your actions and responses will depend upon the current state of their own energy.

Self-Care and Elevating the Quality of Your Personal Energy

Becoming more aware and sensitive to the changing states of your personal energy and the potential choices you have can help you to perceive and respond from a place of greater clarity and authenticity, rather than from the cloudy distortions of heavy energies present in your energy field or those that are around you.  Working with various energetic self-care practices, you can develop skills that help you to maintain healthy energy flow, clear heavy energies and experience the world more fully as your true, sparkly self.  In partnership with crystals and other Nature co-creators, these continue to be available and accessible to you wherever you are.

As a human energy being and member of the world of living energies, you will always be in the continual flow of energies of varying qualities both of your own and others’ creation.  What is important to remember is that you have the ability and opportunity to elevate the quality of your personal energy and what is affected by it.  With the outer world as your mirror, you have constant feedback to help you discern when you are moving from clarity into cloudiness, from flow into congestion and back again.

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