Grounding:The Foundational Self-Care Practice *

By Deborah Bookin

Updated:  February 2022

Why is a website about crystals talking about grounding?  Because working with crystals involves working with yourself as an energy being and grounding is the key energetic practice that can support you in maintaining a healthy, stable foundation as you interact with the world of living energies of which you are a part.  When you are well-grounded, you are continuously supporting your entire self in the fullest and most far-reaching way.  Everything, including working with crystals, is enhanced.

Although the term grounding has made its way into our everyday language,  many people aren’t aware that there is actually an energetic practice that initiates the state of being we consciously experience and describe as stability or rootedness.

Grounding is the energetic practice in which a person establishes energetic roots deep into the Earth, creating an energetic circuit between Heaven and Earth.  Like a lamp being plugged into an electrical socket, the person grounding establishes a circuit of energy flow in which he or she continuously receives and is supported by the energies of both Heaven and Earth.

In the natural flow of this energy circuit, called the Light Axis by medical intuitive and teacher Sarah Weiss, the person releases heavy energies to the Earth for recycling and receives nourishing, refined energies that support his or her health, vitality and well-being in return.  As the person continues to maintain this energetic connection and refine their personal energy, more and more becomes possible.  Like an illuminated lamp, the person’s true inner light, abilities and gifts begin to shine through more clearly, become more easily perceived and accessible.

Benefits of Grounding

When you initiate the energy circuit created through grounding, you are activating a simple, highly effective support system that continuously energizes, renews and helps to uplift you.  In the process, many important things become possible:

  • Your physical, emotional and mental health and vitality are continuously refreshed through the flow of energy.
  • Some heavy energies generated through negative thoughts, fears or other heavy emotions, or taken on from other people or your surroundings, are released to the Earth.
  • Your personal energetic boundaries are strengthened so that healthier, stronger boundaries with other people may be maintained.
  • You are less likely to take on the energies of others or give away your own energy.
  • You are in the fullness of your own energy, able to tap into the richness of your own inner knowledge, resources and vitality as you choose.

When in a well-grounded state, some people report feeling more relaxed, at ease, or able to think or focus more clearly.  Others have reported feeling a sense of fullness, solidness or well-being that they were not aware of before, and notice that there is a qualitative difference in how they are able to carry through with the demands of their day, responding to other people and situations.  Creativity may be stimulated and the energy to express it more easily available.

Being in a  grounded state can have great benefits when one is in a stressful or emotionally-charged situation.  Staying firmly rooted to the Earth at these times can help a person to stay firmly planted on their own personal foundation, accessing inner strength, wisdom and other resources to respond to the situation with greater clarity, creativity and effectiveness.  Being grounded may help the person avoid unconsciously taking on the subtle emotional energies of others at times when they feel emotionally drawn into the upsetting circumstances around them.

In less volatile situations where one’s emotional “buttons” have had a tendency to get pushed, grounding may help the person to respond in a more balanced, refined way because they are drawing from the flow of neutral, refined energy of the Heaven/Earth circuit, rather than the emotionally-charged energy of old, stored feelings and experiences.

Deeper Grounding, Greater Benefits

Just as a lamp must continue to stay plugged into an electrical socket in order to benefit from the flow of energy so that it may shine, grounding must be maintained in order for the person to continue to benefit from the flow of energy between Heaven and Earth through the Light Axis. The longer and more fully a person grounds, the stronger their energetic roots can become and the more their personal energy can refine.  As outer layers of heavy energy fall away from the person’s energy field, heavy or stuck energies stored in the physical body may have the opportunity to clear rather than remain and contribute to the limitation of heathy energy flow and body functioning.

My own grounding teacher Sarah Weiss views grounding as a “24/7” practice and recommends regular check-in’s throughout the day to discern one’s state of groundedness and the need to re-ground.  She continues to emphasize that the experience of grounding is different each and every time it is initiated, presenting the opportunity to learn something new about oneself in each experience.

On a daily basis or in a particular moment, the experience of grounding may feel easy or challenging, energizing or relaxing, as a state of fullness or lightness, depending upon the particular circumstances of the moment.  Whether challenging or rewarding, it is valuable to continue to stay with the experience of grounding in the moment to receive the fullest support of Heaven and Earth through the Light Axis and to experience the gifts that can be discovered in this state.

In the busyness of daily life, some people forget to ground or find it difficult to take the time to ground and turn to it only when they find themselves in challenging circumstances.   Yet, I can think of no other daily practice that has such far-reaching benefits or impact throughout life.

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* This discussion is based on my training in grounding and light work with Sarah Weiss of SpiritHeal Institute, who has devoted over 40 years to refining the practice and teaching of grounding.

I would also like to acknowledge my former crystal teacher Naisha Ahsian, whose earlier work with the practice of grounding through the Primus Activation Meditation and the Primus Activation Healing Technique  has contributed valuably to my understanding of grounding.

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