Creating a Nurturing Home or Work Space

By Deborah Bookin

Updated:  September 2014

What creates a nurturing, healing space in which to live or work?  I have considered this question many times over the years, as I have come through the process of creating a new home for myself or assisted others in enhancing the health and livability of their own.  I’d like to share some thoughts and key concepts that I hope you will find helpful in your own efforts to create the space that nourishes and supports you most fully.

The Power of Intention

While there are many ingredients that come together to create the energy and experience of a space, the key element that directs what will evolve is the person’s intention for it. Whether spoken, written, or simply thought, your intention serves as the “energetic road map” that can help guide you to the elements that will help you to create what you seek.

If you are interested in creating a peaceful, nourishing bedroom, your intention can help guide you to the colors, fabrics, lighting, and other design elements you experience as peaceful and soothing. If you are interested in creating an office or other work space that supports you in being more creative and productive, your intention may direct you to specific design elements that you experience as stimulating and enlivening, or that help you to maintain focus. If you feel uncertain or unable to move forward in the way that you seek, returning to the guidepost of your intention may help you to recognize what has been impeding your path.

Design Elements

There are a variety of design elements you may bring together to create a space that can fulfill your intention: color, light, sound, the specific building/furniture/decorative materials used, meaningful/symbolic artwork or decorative items.

Partnering with the living energies of Nature in your space through crystals, plants, water features and aromatherapy can help you to establish a vibrant, revitalizing quality and foundation for it that can continue to nurture and support you with greater comfort and sense of well-being over time.

When brought together with intention, all of these energies can work together in a harmonious way. Those you choose and the ways you decide to work with them will reflect your own particular needs, interests, and personal preferences. As you continue to grow and change, you may find yourself re-visiting your choices and making changes that reflect your own personal transformation.

The Contributions of Crystals

Crystals are extremely versatile partners and offer many ways to support the health and nurturing capacity of a space. Whether you are seeking to establish the sacred space of a meditation room, the loving, nurturing energy of your den, or a healthy, productive work environment, there are an amazing array of crystal energies available to assist you. As you work to fulfill your intention for your space, you may wish to consider partnering with crystals who:

  • Share the energy of unconditional love or other nourishing energies
  • Support physical and emotional vitality
  • Enhance sense of well-being, peace, or safety
  • Help to promote balance
  • Energetically model such ideals as wholeness, order, or unconditional love
  • Help to energetically clean and maintain the space

Maximizing the Benefit of All Design Elements

Like all energies in your space, crystals can serve most capably when attention is also given to other key elements that energetically contribute to the qualitiies of healthy living space:

  • The cleanliness of the space
  • Removing or limiting clutter
  • Clearing pathways for energy and people to move into and through the space.
  • Repairing, replacing, or removing broken or faulty items
  • Minimizing the effects of electromagnetic fields generated by electronic equipment and appliances (including clocks, microwave ovens, satellite dishes, etc.)

Periodically, it can be helpful to re-evaluate your intention for your space and how crystals and other energies are contributing to the fulfillment of your present intention. This can be an enjoyable process that helps you to appreciate how you have grown and changed, set new goals for the future, and recognize new ways to support yourself more fully on your path. As living energies who have the ability to energetically adapt to your changing needs and goals, crystals can be wonderful partners in this process. We invite you to visit us here at The Crystal Bee and explore the many ways that crystals may partner with you in creating your own nurturing home or office!

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