Healing & Growth

How People Heal: Exploring the Scientific Basis of Subtle Energy in Healing »

By Diane Goldner
Frog Books, 2007, 2009.   325 pages

Originally published as Infinite Grace: Where the Worlds of Science and Spiritual Healing Meet, this engrossing book is an impressive introduction to the nature of subtle energy and energy healing. Journalist Diane Goldner spent four years exploring energy healing modalities both as a client and as a reporter initially skeptical of their benefits. She shadowed energy practitioners and teachers, interviewed clients, researched the scientific foundation of subtle energy healing and talked with mainstream medical professionals whose work prompted them to explore or incorporate energy modalities into their work with patients.

For those new to this subject, the book offers a clear, easily understandable overview of the human energy field and energy anatomy. The author skillfully synthesizes key information and concepts from science, religion, indigenous cultures and other sources as she explores the profound gifts and opportunities for healing, growth and transformation that exist beyond the boundaries known by Western healing traditions. Her vivid profiles of three world-famous energy practitioners and teachers—Rosalyn Bruyere, Barbara Brennan and Jason Shulman—form the centerpiece of the book and illuminate how the individual personalities, paths and skills of these gifted healers have helped to shape the new frontiers of healing.

Easy to read and filled with real-life stories of those whose lives have been transformed through working with subtle energy healing, this book is the best resource I can recommend for those seeking a balanced, well-grounded and respectful introduction or overview of subtle energy healing.

Inside-Out Healing: Transforming your Life Through the Power of Presence »

By Richard Moss
Hay House, Inc., 2011 255 pages

“What your illness is, why you are ill, or what you need to do to improve a troubled relationship is less important than your relationship to yourself in each moment. Change your relationship to yourself and everything changes. As Einstein observed, you cannot solve a problem at the same level of consciousness in which the problem was created.”                -Richard Moss

Much attention has been given to the power of positive thinking and affirmations. In this excellent follow-up to his book The Mandala of Being: Discovering The Power of Awareness, Richard Moss explains why presence—inhabiting the present moment or Now—is really the crucial element that facilitates deep healing and transformation. He explains how deep suffering results more from what we tell ourselves about what is happening than what is actually happening, and shows how to work with the Mandala of Being to break this dysfunctional pattern by resting our awareness in the present moment, the real reference point for our true self. He clarifies the important difference between emotions and feelings and why differentiating between the two is so important for determining the perspective we use to interpret our experience and whether we do so in emotional clarity.

In the author’s own words, “This book will teach you how to return to the present moment and be enlivened from a universal source. It will show you how to make better decisions from a place of inner harmony and trust. It will guide you to listen to your own intuitive wisdom and find true well-being, or at least centeredness and peace even in times of real difficulty. It will support you in honoring your genuine needs.”

Written in a clear, concise way, this book offers a more simplified overview of the material presented in The Mandala of Being and adds a variety of exercises to help the reader understand and practice presence as an everyday way of being. Using the practices outlined in the book, readers can learn how to make the present moment their personal reference point for living in the joy and fullness of their true self.

Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born »

by Robert Schwartz
Frog Books, 2007, 2009.   325 pages

Why are we challenged by difficult circumstances or experiences in life? Author Robert Schwartz believes that our souls plan these experiences before we are born in order to learn and grow.

In this illuminating book, he introduces readers to ten people who have experienced such life challenges as physical illness, death of a loved one, addiction, accidents and parenting a disabled child. He shares some of the information they received through working with gifted mediums and channelers as they became aware of the pre-birth plans their souls made, the contracts they made with other souls for their fulfillment and the reasons they chose these lessons.

Blending interviews with these people, excerpts from the channeled descriptions of their pre-birth planning sessions and his own commentary, the author lifts the veil between worlds to illuminate how our soul’s unlimited perspective and boundless love create lessons of deep purpose, meaning and promise. Reading this wonderful book is an invitation to awaken to the greater gifts, grace and blessings inherent in even the most challenging circumstances we experience , and to know the deeper love that is woven into our soul’s plan.

Sacred Contracts: Awakening Your Divine Potential »

by Caroline Myss
Harmony Books, 2001.   430 pages

Why are we here? In this book, Dr. Myss seeks to answer this question through her examination of the Sacred Contract, which she describes as “an agreement your soul makes before you are born. You promise to do certain things for yourself, for others and for divine purposes. Part of the Contract requires that you discover what it is that you are meant to do. The Divine, in turn, promises to give you the guidance you need through your intuition, dreams, hunches, coincidences and other indicators.”

In this masterful work, Dr. Myss presents a historical/spiritual/energetic overview of Sacred Contracts, their five stages and the archetypal roles or patterns that ”provide the foundation for our personality, our drives, feelings, beliefs, motivations and actions.”

She takes readers through a detailed process of discovery to help them unearth the reasons they came to Earth and how they can fulfill what they came here to do. Sharing real-life stories from her medical intuition practice and others from spiritual traditions and literature, she illustrates the archetypal journeys that are expressions of Sacred Contracts in ways that vividly bring to life these subtle keys to understanding and fulfilling our sacred purpose and true potential.

Whether you choose to follow Dr. Myss’s step-by-step process for discovering your Sacred Contracts, or read this book as an enlightening guide to exploring your sacred purpose and potential in other ways, Sacred Contracts is a remarkable book you may choose to return to again and again for fresh insights.

Spiritual Growth: Being Your Higher Self »

by Sanaya Roman (Orin)
H.J. Kramer, 1989.   225 pages

This channeled book is described by its authors as a course in spiritual growth, helping you connect with your Higher Self and the higher power of the Universe, however you personally identify it. Simply and beautifully written, it is an invitation to know yourself more fully as your soul’s expression here on Earth and to live a life in alignment with your soul’s clarity, wisdom and loving nature.

The authors call the Higher Self “your expanded, loving, wise and compassionate self.” The first section of the book is devoted to helping the reader meet their Higher Self, the Universal Mind and Higher Will. The second section focuses on helping the readers to learn how they can love themselves more fully and allow the flow of love into their lives and all they create. The third section teaches about how to come into a state of unity with all life, become an expression of Divine light and fulfill one’s own unique service in the world.

This book can be read and experienced on different levels. It can be read as an excellent introduction to the higher aspects of our self and our relationship to all that is, and as a fuller experience of that knowledge through practicing the meditations at the end of each chapter. This wonderful book is one I have continued to treasure and refer to over the years.