Reiki Enhanced: Working with Crystals

by Deborah Bookin

Updated:  February 2022 (citations)

Adapted from Deborah’s presentation at the Second Reiki Rays of Hope National Conference, October 10, 2010

Something subtle, yet truly profound, can happen when we begin to acknowledge crystals as living energies and treat them with love, care and respect: the door opens to developing a deeper, co-creative relationship with them in which they can come forward as our teachers, healers, guides and partners.

Crystals are wonderful partners for Reiki practitioners both personally and professionally because they are able to respond to you wherever you are on your path, rise to new opportunities and challenges you are experiencing, have an infinite number of gifts and talents, and can even teach you how to work with them.

While the ways that Reiki practitioners may work with crystals are really limitless, we can consider their support as falling into three primary categories:

  • Support for the Reiki practitioner
  • Support for the Reiki space
  • Support for the Reiki session

Crystals can support the Reiki practitioner personally in their own self care, healing and spiritual growth.  Working with crystals that support grounding, healthy energy flow, vitality, radiant health and well-being, mental focus and the development of intuition can help the Reiki practitioner create a healthy personal foundation that also lays a healthy professional foundation for Reiki practice.

Professionally, crystals can support the practitioner in being and maintaining a vibrant, refined healing presence, modeling specific energetic states such as unconditional love and acceptance, following higher guidance, and serving as a vessel of Light for Reiki energy.

Stones can also help to elevate the energy of the Reiki practitioner’s home as well as the dedicated healing space in which the Reiki session takes place, helping to maintain both as clean, nourishing, refined spaces.  Creating sacred space, cleansing heavy energies released through healing processes and everyday living, and anchoring in such energies as unconditional love, peace, optimism, joy and safety can help all those who enter these spaces to experience them as places of love, comfort, nourishment and greater ease.

In the Reiki session itself, crystals offer support by helping the client to:

  • Ground
  • Feel a greater sense of comfort, peace, safety and ease
  • Enhance vitality and energy supply
  • Release energy blocks and open to healthy energy flow
  • Release energy patterns such as fear that no longer serve a healthy purpose
  • Establish new healthy reference points and patterns
  • Restore balance and provide support in others ways specific to the client.

Here’s what I’d like you to think about today.  Two-thirds of the ways that crystals may be helpful in your professional Reiki practice are initiated before your client steps through your door.

You have the ability to positively affect and support your client’s experience and process in the Reiki session by elevating the two largest energy fields your clients will come into contact with: you and the healing space.

From the law of resonance, we know that any time two bodies come into proximity, the energetically weaker body must attempt to come into resonance with the stronger one. Because your personal energy field extends to a twelve-foot radius around you, any time someone comes within twelve feet of you, either you or the other person must attempt to come into resonance with the other – whoever’s energy field is stronger1.

If your energy field is strong, healthy and more vibrant than your client’s energy field, your client automatically must begin to come into resonance with those qualities when they come within twelve feet of you.

Whenever you are within four feet of someone else, your hearts begin to attempt to come into resonance2.  As the organ of the body having the strongest resonant capacity, your heart has the capability of positively helping your client to strengthen their own heart and capacity to receive and radiate unconditional love– the most powerful healing force in the Universe.  That is the best commercial I can share for being a strong, healthy and loving healing presence.

As an even larger energy field, your healing space also has an incredible capacity to positively influence your client’s well-being and healing process.  Stones that share the energies of unconditional love, peace, vitality, optimism, safety and other qualities that model wholeness and well-being can be wonderful partners in the Reiki experience.  Intentionally anchoring these vibrations into the space can greatly facilitate the client’s healing process and their experience of it as one of  comfort and ease.

Bottom Line?  By modeling such energetic states as groundedness, healthy energy flow, vitality, unconditional love and well-being, you as a practitioner and your healing space can provide the client with incredible support before the session even begins – and then go on to ease and enhance the healing processes and opportunities during the session.

This is a huge gift for your clients–especially those who have been ill, depleted or depressed for an extended time and may have forgotten what true wellness and well-being feel like.

Your healing presence can communicate, illustrate, and facilitate in a way that words never can.

Grounding & Refined Fullness

One of the most important ways that crystals can support you and your client before, during and after the Reiki session is by helping you to be well-grounded and modeling this state for your client3.

When a person grounds to Mother Earth, it is like a lamp being plugged into an electrical socket: a circuit of energy is created in which one is continuously supported by both Heaven and Earth and one is able to achieve a state of refined fullness.

Refined fullness is a state in which you are:

  • Fully rooted to Mother Earth
  • Holding the polarities of both heaven and earth so that you complete that energy circuit as an energy channel
  • In the fullness of your own energy, automatically releasing heavy energies to the Earth for recycling and receiving nourishing, healthy energies from the Earth
  • Maintaining healthy boundaries with others
  • Fortified from within and less susceptible to influence of outside energies.

This means that:

  • You are solidly on your own foundation
  • Your vitality is continuously being refreshed by Mother Earth
  • The clarity and quality of your guidance is enhanced
  • You are better able to serve as a clear channel for healing energies as a vessel of Light
  • You are less likely to pick up the heavy energies of the outside world or other people
  • Your strength comes from the inside out
  • You are in your strongest, healthiest, most vibrant state.

All of this happens when you are well-grounded. Crystals can help you learn how to ground, stay grounded and return to a grounded state when you have become ungrounded.  Different grounding stones resonating with different energies can respond to your varying grounding states and needs on a daily basis, depending upon your circumstances in the moment.

Crystals can help you become more aware of your state of groundedness,  recognize when you are beginning to become ungrounded and become more skilled in maintaining the grounded state throughout the day.  Your mastery of this key foundational practice is essential for maintaining a higher state of  health, well-being, clear discernment and service as a vessel for Reiki energy.  It is the key practice that can support you wherever you are, and in whatever you are doing here on this planet.

As teachers, healers, guides and partners, members of the mineral kingdom have unlimited gifts, talents and support to share with Reiki practitioners, their clients and all those interested in co-creating with them.  I wish you great joy in opening to and exploring sacred relationship with them.

1, 2Naisha Ahsian, Crystal Resonance TherapyTM Training Course: Student  Practitioner Manual, copyright 2003.

3 This discussion is based on my training in grounding and light work with Sarah Weiss of SpiritHeal Institute, who has devoted over 40 years to refining the practice and teaching of grounding.

I would also like to acknowledge the work of my former crystal teacher Naisha Ahsian, whose earlier work with the practice of grounding through the Primus Activation Meditation and the Primus Activation Healing Technique, valuably informed my own understanding of grounding.

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