Selecting Crystals As Healing Gifts

By Deborah Bookin

Updated:  June 2014

Helping people to select crystals as healing gifts is one of my favorite roles here at The Crystal Bee.  Because crystals have the ability to partner with people in many versatile ways depending upon the person’s circumstances and their own energetic properties, they make it possible for you to potentially share the healing gifts of Nature with someone for years to come.

Sometimes selecting crystals as gifts can also present certain challenges–especially when the person receiving the gift is not well known to you or when either of you has not worked with crystals previously. In this article, I’d like to share some questions and guidelines I have found helpful in selecting crystals as healing gifts for others.

What is Your Intention?

I consider this to be the key question in selecting a crystal as a healing gift, because crystals work in the realm of pure energy and it is your intention that can most clearly direct you to the stone whose energy is aligned with your intention.  Some examples of intentions that people have shared with me are:

  • Supporting someone through a difficult time or transition
  • Expressing/sharing unconditional love
  • Celebrating an important milestone, life transition or achievement
  • Providing comfort and support for healing a physical illness
  • Encouraging health, vitality, and a greater sense of well-being
  • Creating a nourishing, supportive home or work environment
  • Providing comfort and support during grieving
  • Helping someone to gain greater insight in moving forward
  • Support for deepening one’s spiritual connection
  • Help in understanding one’s higher purpose
  • Helping one to feel more comfortable with the processes of change
  • Moving through a major life transition with greater comfort
  • Introducing someone to the energy of crystals and working with crystals.

Are You Attached to a Particular Outcome for the Person?

The life lessons and situations we experience have the potential to help us  learn, heal, and grow in many different ways.  What is for another person’s highest good in any given situation cannot be fully known by us and lies within the person’s own private domain that it is important to honor.  So the highest and most helpful thoughts we can hold for another person give them the energetic space to heal and grow in their own individual way and at their own pace. When we let go of preconceived notions of what another person has to do or how they have to change (“fixing” them or their situation), we support them most fully in being whole and healthy. Does this mean that we can’t wish them unconditional love, a wonderful new relationship, or a terrific job? Absolutely not!  It simply means that we can help them most by letting go of fixed ideas about what that has to look like and when it must be manifested.

Is the Person Open to Working with Crystals?

People do have important preferences in what is comfortable or works well for them.  While many people find crystals to be a helpful, life-long support, others may not connect with their energy at all or come to them for a brief period of time because of a particular healing opportunity.  If you sense that a person is open to working with crystals or has worked with them in the past, giving one as a gift may be a supportive act.

If you are uncertain whether the person is open to crystal energy but would like to share one as a gift, I often advise selecting a crystal that can be appreciated for its other qualities, such as visual beauty or pleasing touch. Many people give heart-shaped stones as a way of sharing their loving intention when they are not certain that the person is interested in crystal energy. The stone’s shape is a symbolic reminder of the person’s energetic intention in another important way.

How Do You Know What Kind of Stone to Give?

Once you are clear about the intention of your gift, selecting the appropriate stone becomes much easier. There are many ways to begin. You may already have ideas from your own crystal experience, information from books or classes you have taken, suggestions from healing professionals or others you know. While all of these may be helpful to you in making your selection, your own intuition is your most important guide in making your choice. Crystals encourage and support us energetically in using our intuition effectively.  Although we may not always be aware of why we are attracted to a particular stone, the energetic “matchmaking” process that takes place between people and crystals can help you to recognize what is most appropriate. Next time you have the opportunity to give a crystal gift, clarify your intention and see what you are drawn to.

What Do You Give to Someone You Do Not Know?

When people are selecting crystals for others they do not know, I usually suggest that they consider one that shares an energetic quality they would be comfortable sharing with any one, such as well-being, vitality, unconditional love, joy, peace or optimism. Selecting a stone that is also visually beautiful can add another dimension of enjoyment for the person.

Before You Share Your Gift

As I mentioned earlier, clarifying your intention is a key aspect in selecting a crystal as a gift for someone else.  Before you actually share your crystal gift, it can be helpful to review your original intention in selecting the stone.  Consider whether you have directed any subtle thoughts, wishes, fears or ideas about specific outcomes that could have become attached energetically to the stone and influence the energy that it shares with the other person.  If you have, ask the crystal to release these to the Earth or wherever is for the highest good, so that the crystal is free to shares its gifts in the clarity and fullness of its true energy.

If you feel called, you may ask for blessings for the person and the crystal in their partnership–another way that your highest intentions, good wishes and integrity in the gift-giving process will be reflected as you share your gift.

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