Are You Ready for A New Reference Point?

By Deborah Bookin

Updated:  May 2014

Spiritual growth involves the continual transformation and refinement of our personal energy.  Growth means change.  As our personal energy changes, what we find growthful, helpful or even comfortable will also change.

In everyday life, we may at times find ourselves in places that feel comfortable or familiar and not recognize that we aren’t paying attention to the inner callings of our spirit and the flow of spiritual growth.  Or, we may begin to sense a lack of flow in our daily life and experience that expresses as exhaustion, feelings of stuckness, an inabliity to take action or some other expression.  Working with the same crystals over a long period of time may reinforce our tendency to remain in an old frequency range that no longer reflects who we truly are or where our spirit is drawing us.

Meeting new crystal energies can help us to re-awaken and re-enliven our forward movement.  Their energies can help us to open to new inspiration, creativity, resources and possibilities that we previously didn’t recognize because we weren’t in the energy frequency that would enable us to perceive them.

Touchstones for Radiant Well-Being

Crystals can be wonderful partners in helping us to recognize where we are on our paths and how we can support ourselves in moving forward with a greater sense of joy and fulfillment.  As enlightened teachers, healers and partners, they shine in their ability to help us to connect more fully with our true selves and align with new reference energies for love, compassion, health, wholeness, well-being, healthy boundaries and more as we evolve.

In this way, crystals serve as touchstones who not only remind us, but help align us with what is true and important in the new places where we are. In times of stress, uncertainty or facing a new situation, checking in with these new reference energies can be both comforting and empowering. As we continue to move forward, these crystal partners can show us new ways they may support us as we continue on the path of self-discovery.

Old Favorites and New Energies

If you have been noticing that your favorite stones, or those you’ve relied on for specific support no longer seem to be helping you in ways that feel as helpful or satisfying, now may be the perfect time to explore working with new crystal energies.  For some people, this may be as simple as shifting from working with one form of a stone family to another, such as moving to the refined frequency of Madagascar Rose Quartz from more visually-opaque forms sourced elsewhere. For others, stepping up to an entirely new energy maybe most helpful.

If Amethyst has been a long-time favorite, now may be a great time to get acquainted with Purple Chalcedony, Spirit Quartz or Violet Flame Opal™.  If you’ve relied on Hematite as a valued grounding partner for many years, meeting its relative Rainbow Hematite, Circle Stone™ or Empowerite™  may help you to experience grounding in new, refined ways and receive even greater support from the Earth as you continue to grow and change.  The mineral kingdom offers an amazing array of nourishing and supportive energies available to you on your personal path.

Time to Explore New Energies?

The Crystal Bee provides a nurturing space in which to meet and explore new partnerships with the living energies of the mineral kingdom.  We invite you to visit, meet new crystal energies and connect with new inner reference points, inspiration and support as you continue to move forward on your personal path.

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