Grounding as Foundation for Working with Crystals*

By Deborah Bookin

Updated:  January 2024

In my previous article, Grounding: The Foundational Self-Care Practice, I described the many benefits of grounding as a daily self-care practice.   In this article, I’d like to talk about the important relationship between grounding and working with crystals.

First, let’s review a few key points:

  • Working with crystals involves working with yourself as a human energy being.
  • Grounding is the key energetic practice that can help you as a human energy being to maintain a healthy, stable foundation as you interact with crystals and other energies in the world of living energies of which you are a part.
  • Grounding opens and activates the flow of energy throughout the energy circuitry of your body and energy field, enabling you to receive fuller support from the Earth and other energies.
  • The continuous cleansing that occurs through the free flow of energy through your energy field while you are grounded supports your health, vitality, clarity, sense of well-being and clearer discernment of the energies with which you are consciously and unconsciously interacting.

Upgrading Your Relationship with Crystals

When you recognize yourself as a human energy being and begin recognizing crystals as conscious, intelligent beings of Nature, you have the opportunity to upgrade your relationship with them to a true co-creative partnership.  This is a huge leap forward!

Rather than working with or using them as objects, you open the way for a new relationship where you can communicate and co-create with them as intelligent, conscious partners and teachers.  This makes it possible to receive their energetic guidance directly, moving beyond the rote information of crystal books to access the energies, information and support that are truly relevant and helpful for you in the moment.

As you recognize more about your own nature as a human energy being, you have the opportunity to tap into the inner wisdom and gifts that you have to bring to your co-creative partnership with these conscious, intelligent beings.  Grounding supports you all along the way as you unfold and experience this living, dynamic relationship.

Stability, Flow and Discernment

The healthiest place from which to meet any other living energy is from the stability and strength of your own foundation, in the fullness of your own energy.

Why is this so important when working with crystals?  At times, the subtle tendency to “go out” to meet crystals or other energies that interest you may cause you to temporarily become ungrounded.  You may not even be aware that this is happening. But when you do become ungrounded,  it will become less clear what is your energy and what belongs to another, what is true and what is distortion, and what other energies are influencing you.  Grounding helps you to stay on your own personal foundation and maintain healthy boundaries with other energies around you, in the strength, stability and fullness of your own energy.  It supports you in meeting crystals in a place of honesty and truth.

In a more refined state of energy and clarity, it becomes easier to recognize the crystal that can be most helpful as a partner in the present moment.

Grounding is the key practice that enables you to activate your own energy circuitry in a state of fuller, healthier energy flow.  This automatically begins to clear distortions, emotional debris and other cloudy energies from your field that may diminish your ability to recognize what is true for you in the present moment, how another is really affecting you and what can be most helpful to you.  From a place of greater stability and clarity achieved through grounding, it can become easier for you to recognize the crystal energies that resonate with your true energy and intentions, rather than those that resonate with the distortions present in your energy field.

When you are grounded and your energy circuits are open in a state of  flow, you are able to receive the fuller flow and greater benefits of working with a crystal’s energy. 

Together, the stability, flow and discernment achieved through grounding support you in every aspect of your relationship with crystals and other living energies.

Grounding and Working with Crystals: A Dynamic Relationship

The relationship between grounding and working with crystals is complementary and dynamic.  You may notice working with crystals to be more effective when you are grounded, and at times find grounding easier to initiate or maintain when you are partnering with a crystal skilled in grounding.

An array of crystals are available to help you understand and work with the various aspects of grounding, including:

  • Awakening to your true energetic relationship with the Earth
  • Initiating the grounding process
  • Opening to clearer, fuller energy flow
  • Centering
  • Subtle aspects of the grounded state that vary daily or in the moment
  • Maintaining the grounded state throughout the day.

The crystals you find most helpful in grounding may change daily or regularly because the experience of grounding is new in each moment and continues to evolve subtly as both you and your partner, the Earth, move forward in ever-changing, living relationship. **   Periodically meeting new crystals skilled in grounding can help you to continue refining and deepening your practice.  They can help you to recognize the subtle ways that you as a human energy being  are changing, and when it’s time to move on to working with new energies to support your personal evolution.

As you work with crystals to enhance personal health, well-being and spiritual growth, grounding supports the continual flow of new energy, information, inspiration and guidance for transformation and the momentum for forward movement.  The energy circuitry activated through grounding is the vital conduit that supports these dynamic energetic processes.  Being in a well-grounded state helps you to access and benefit from the support of this extraordinary energy “super-highway” on every level of your being, including physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

Can a person receive the benefit of a crystal’s energy without consciously grounding?  Depending upon the particular circumstances in the moment, my answer could be yes, possibly or not likely.  Does one have a greater opportunity to receive the fullest benefit from working with a crystal in the moment when grounded?  My view is absolutely.

* I gratefully acknowledge the teachers who have contributed to my knowledge, understanding and practice of grounding and energy work:  Dr. James Kepner, Carol DeSanto, Sarah Weiss,  Naisha Ahsian and Dr. Aimee Apigian.

**  In circumstances where a person has experienced trauma or abuse, it is very important to adapt the practice of grounding to honor and support the person’s sense of safety, level of comfort and current boundaries because the process of grounding can open or increase energy flow to particular areas of the body and human energy field where trauma is stored.  Consulting and working with a healing professional trained in trauma healing is advised for those who experience discomfort, upset or feeling unsafe when beginning to learn or deepen their experience of grounding.

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